Posted by: anna | July 3, 2009

Inna, Pinna, Rimma

Holy Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma, pray to God for us.

There seems to be some controversy about their gender. The Russian site refers to them as male, but the Antiochian as female…

Interesting link with yesterday’s St Henry of Finland/England/Uppsala – Inna, Pinna and Rimma were also missionaries who converted lots of heathen, in the 1st century, and their martyrdom also involved enraged pagans (or a barbarian prince this time, for a change) and a nasty wintry death on the ice. Or in their case, under it.

I wonder about the names of these three – could they be one confused into three? especially as P in Russian is R. How much does the historical ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ matter? Very little? a great deal?

I do not think about saints in a useful way. They do not yet seem real; I still have too Protestant a view of missionary activity to have much respect for it, and my first reaction to these unfortunate people who get themselves made into stew for God, or whatever, is that they certainly asked for it. Did they make a difference? Is that the point? Did they work out their own salvation through their missionary aims? What strikes me most is the hideous ingenuity of man’s cruelty.

Well, may they continue to knock, and I to open.


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