Posted by: anna | July 28, 2009

St Donald of Ogilvy

Icon by the hand of Iconographer Nicholas Papas of Come And See Icons
St. Donald of Ogilvy (716) (Scotland).
Died early 8th century. Donald, a resident of Ogilvy in Forfarshire, Scotland, formed a religious group with his nine daughters (the “Nine Maidens”) on the death of his wife. adds ‘But if no more is known of him, he has nevertheless left his mark otherwise, for the often found natural features, wells, hills, and so on, which are known as the “Nine Maidens”, are so called in memory of his daughters. They are said to have afterwards entered a monastery founded by St. Darlugdach and St. Brigid at Abernethy.’
And that, it seems, is that. He’s in OrthodoxWiki, which Mildred isn’t. These bare bones of a story are tantalising – I sense inspiration for a Christian Novel. Possibly a series of them. Was he a priest? It doesn’t say so. Did they live in a village? out in the middle of nowhere? Did they withdraw from society? or have a family business that allowed the nine (!) daughters to stay at home and not marry? Were there any sons? Were they gentle maidens or a tribe of Pictish Amazons? Where did they go to church? did they sing?
2011 update…
Tropaire à saint Donald, confesseur d’Ogilvie en Ecosse, (Natalice au 7ème siècle)
Père de famille, à la mort de ton épouse,*
Tu fis de ta demeure un pieux monastère*
Et avec tes sept filles devenues moniales,*
Tu menas une vie de prière et d’ascèse,*
Jusques au temps de ta dormition dans la paix.*
Saint Donald, prie le Seigneur de sauver nos âmes!
Troparion to St Donald, confessor of Ogilvie in Scotland (7th c)
Father of a family, at the death of your wife
You made of your home a pious monastery,
And with your seven daughters, who had become nuns,
You lived a life of prayer and ascesis
Until the time of your falling asleep in peace.
Holy Donald, pray to the Lord to save our souls!
Holy St Donald and devout daughters of Donald, pray to God for us.

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