Posted by: anna | August 10, 2009

St Samson of Dol

Holy St Samson, pray to God for us.

The icon is by the hand of Aidan Hart, image taken from Aidan Hart Icons.

St. Samson, bishop of Dol in Brittany (565)

Samson was Welsh – his mother was also a saint, St Anna of Oxenhall, and his half-sister was the mother of St David. As a priest, he carried out missionary work in Cornwall, and as bishop of Dol in Brittany founded monasteries there and in Normandy. Here is one Life, provided by the Celtic Christianity e-Library at Lampeter (Llanbedr, St Peter’s), and here is Wikipedia’s take.

Thy resplendent life, O holy Samson,
enlightened all thy kindred.
They followed thee in the monastic life
and themselves became shining lights.
When consecrated Hierarch thou didst obey the heavenly vision
and build monasteries to God’s glory in Brittany.
Pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Athlète de la grâce et maître de tempérance, tu as illuminé les îles par ta vertu, tel un phare spirituel. Imitateur des apôtres, tu as répandu la semence de la connaissance du Dieu trine. Saint pontife Samson, prie le pour qu’Il accorde à nos âmes le salut.

[Athlete of grace and master of temperance, you illumined the isles by your virtue as a spiritual beacon. Imitator of the apostles, you spread wide the seed of the knowledge of the triune God. Holy Bishop Samson, pray to Him that He may grant salvation to our souls.]

Dear Alex enters on his postulancy to the Norbertine Premonstratensians at Chelmsford tomorrow. I pray that this year may be a fruitful time, spent in prayer and community.

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…2010 update: Under the Oak entry for St Samson; troparion in French


  1. 2011 update – Troparion from Acathistes et offices orthodoxes

    Ton 2 Tropaire à saint Samson, évêque de Dol (Natalice en 565 A.D.)

    Du Pays de Galles tu allas en Irlande,*
    Où tu fus formé au monachisme celtique,*
    Puis tu t'en vins en Bretagne évangéliser*
    Les peuples païens qui vivaient dans les ténèbres.*
    Saint Samson de Dol, toi qui es auprès du Christ,
    Intercède pour qu'Il nous accorde Sa grâce!

    From the country of Wales you went to Ireland,
    Where you were trained in the Celtic monastic tradition;
    You then went to Brittany to bring the Gospel
    to the pagan people there who lived in darkness.
    Holy Samson of Dol, you who are near to Christ,
    Pray that He grant us His grace!

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