Posted by: anna | August 25, 2009

saints of the day

Well, after last week’s little hiatus of several days, there’s a bumper crop of British & Celtic saints for today (12 August on the Old Calendar). As there’s another gap coming up almost immediately, I’ll spread today’s four out over several days.
Commemorated on 12 August are:

  • St. Muredach (Murtagh), first bishop of Killala and founder of Innismurray (Ireland) (6th c.)
  • St. Molaise of Devenish (563)
  • St. Seigine, abbot of Iona (652)
  • St. Jambert, archbishop of Canterbury

St Murtagh of Killala and Innismurray (6th c)

‘Murtagh (Muredach) (6th century)(?) Irish bishop. Two traditions concerning this saint make him respectively a convert of Patrick or a contemporary of Columba. One or the other must be wrong, probably the first. He is venerated as the first bishop of Killala and as the founder of Innismurray, a fertile monastic island in complete contrast to the famous Skellig Michael. On Innismurray (Co. Sligo) are notable remains of a secular fort, oratories, and beehive cells, some of which may date back to the founder. Feast: 12 August.’ (David Farmer, The Oxford Dictionary of Saints.)

Holy Father Muredach, pray to God for us.

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