Posted by: anna | September 1, 2009

St Credan

Today we commemorate St. Credan, abbot of Evesham. ‘Died c. 780. We know that Saint Credan, 8th abbot of Evesham Abbey, governed during the reign of King Offa of Mercia (757-796) because his name appears in several of the king’s charters. He had a thriving cultus prior to the coming of the Normans, who suspected anything Anglo-Saxon. The relics of Credan and other local saints at Evesham were put through an ordeal by fire in 1077. It is reported that they
emerged unscathed and during the translation that followed, they are reported to have shone like gold. Credan’s relics and shrine also withstood the damage that occurred when the church tower fell in 1207′. (Benedictines, Farmer)

And that’s all I can find out about him. It is much the same with many of the medieval Masters of Balliol – a few individual mentions in administrative documents, and the fact that the college is still here, are the only ways they are now remembered.

Holy St Credan, pray to God for us.


  1. I wonder if the relics survived the Reformation? Very interesting.

    Holy St. Credan pay to God for us indeed!

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