Posted by: anna | October 17, 2009

St Vladimir Yaroslavich

The icon image comes from here.

Today is the ‘other’ commemoration of my patron saint, Ingegerd-Irina-Anna of Novgorod, with her eldest son Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich, who became an able administrator of Novgorod after his father Yaroslav the Wise. His icon shows him holding the cathedral of St Sophia at Novgorod, which he had built and in which his relics and those of his mother still repose.

  • The Orthodox Calendar provides a thumbail sketch here
  • The Orthodox Church in America also has a page for him here
  • Wikipedia has a very brief article, footnotes of which cast doubt on the authenticity of St Anna’s relics in the cathedral at Novgorod. I note with interest that he is better remembered in Norse records than Russian ones, as Valdemar Holti – there is even a book about Vladimir the Viking (Vladimir Volkoff). Which I should probably read.
  • Thanks to this page (in Norwegian) I discover that St Anna is also known in Scandinavian languages (so ok, not widely) as Anna av Holmgard, the Swedish (or perhaps indeed the Viking) name for Novgorod.
  • I am not at all sure that I have come across this Commemoration of Anna of Novgorod at Orthodox England before! In any case I have not written about St Anna in her own right yet – coming up in February…

Troparion in Tone 1 [music]

Lik en himmelsklar stjärna uppstrålad från väster till öster,
förunnades du att bevara den rätta tron.
I denna frambar du åt fosterjorden en välsignad frukt,
o du heliga rättrogna furstinna Anna.
Du älskade Kristus av hela ditt hjärta.
och bevarade hans bud och stadgar.
Därför, då vi idag firar ditt allheliga minne,
mottar vi syndernas förlåtelse genom dina böner!

Having shone forth from the West like a star of heavenly radiance,
thou wast vouchsafed to receive the Orthodox Faith;
and having brought forth right glorious fruit for the Russian land therein,
O holy right-believing Princess Anna,
thou didst love Christ with all thy heart,
keeping His statutes and laws.
Wherefore, celebrating thy most holy memory today,
through thy supplications we receive remission of sins.

Helige Valdemar och Heliga Anna, be till Gud för oss.



  1. Happy Patron Saint Day! Many Years!

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