Posted by: anna | October 27, 2009

St Manacca of Cornwall

S. MANACCA, Virgin, Abbess

The church of Manaccan or Minster, in Cornwall, was formerly a monastic establishment, probably, at its first institution, for women. Manacca, according to popular tradition, was either sister or nurse to S. Levan. In Bishop Stapeldon’s Register, 1308, the church is called “Ecclesia Stae Manacae in Menstre.” No Minster would be without a founder, but it is not easy to discover who the founder, or rather foundress, there was. That she was Irish appears from the situation of the church, and from the tradition associating her with S. Levan. And, if there be any reliance to be placed on this tradition, then she belonged to the close of the fifth and beginning of the sixth centuries. The name Manacca is the same as Monaca, in Irish Midnach, Midhnech, or Midnat. Now we do find that there was such a person placed by S. Patrick in a hermitage called Disert Patraic, where was a holy fountain, in the West of Ireland. Her principal church seems to have been Kilican, the situation of which is not determined. A statement is made by one Irish author that she was a child of Darerca, sister of S. Patrick. But we can obtain nothing approaching to certainty relative to S. Manacca. It is possible enough that Manaccan means no more than Minster, a monastic establishment. The day of S. Midhnach is August 4 or November 18 in the Martyrologies of Tallaght and O’Gorman. Manaccan feast is on October 14.

– S Baring-Gould, The lives of the British Saints : the Saints of Wales and Cornwall and such Irish Saints as have dedications in Britain (1907)

Holy Saint Manacca, pray to God for us.

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