Posted by: anna | November 20, 2009

St Illtyd

Today we commemorate Venerable Illtyd (Illtud), abbot of Llanilltyd Fawr, disciple of St. Germanus of Auxerre (6th century). No icon, so far, unfortunately.

Illtyd has quite the fabulous life, which David Farmer describes as ‘full of implausible legends’, but is best remembered as an abbot and teacher, in which roles at Llantwit Major he formed the hub for a great wheel of – mostly but by no means all Welsh – saints, including saints David, Gildas, Samson of Dol, Paul (Paulus Aurelianus), and Leonorius of St Lunaire, as well as many other learned and holy people (well, men) who studied at Llanilltyd Fawr in later generations.


Troparion of St Illtyd tone 6
O wise Illtyd, thou wast noble by birth and noble in mind/ and didst train many saints in the way of holiness./ Pray to Christ our God to raise up saints in our days/ to His glory and for our salvation.

2011 update: another troparion (source 

SS Illtud, Jalle

Ton 1 Tropaire à saint Iltud, higoumène, (Natalice au 5ème siècle)

Tu étais un proche parent du roi Arthur*

Tu devins moine à LLancarvan chez saint Cadoc,*

Et ordonné prêtre par saint Germain d’Auxerre,*

Tu fondas le monastère de Llaniltud*

Saint Iltud, jardinier d’une moisson de saints,*

Prie Dieu qu’Il nous accorde Sa grande mercy!

Holy St Illtyd, pray to God for us.

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