Posted by: anna | December 1, 2009

St Mabyn

Today we commemorate St Mabyn, nun of Cornwall.

Miss Dunbar says only: ‘St. Mabena, MABINA or MABY is represented on a window in St. German’s church, in Cornwall, having on her lap a dead Christ crowned with thorns (Whitaker, Life of St. Neot). Daughter of Brychan (Smith and Wace).’

Wikipedia: ‘Mabena (also known as Mabon or Mabyn) was probably born in Brycheiniog in South Wales and later settled in Cornwall. According to the medieval ‘Life of Saint Nectan’, Mabena was one of the twenty-four children of Saint Brychan, a Welsh holy man and king of Brycheiniog. Like so many of her siblings, she travelled to Cornwall and settled at what has developed as the village named after her, St Mabyn. Both St Mabyn Parish Church and the local public house are dedicated to her memory. Her feast day is 18 November.’

We have already met two of the famous children of Brychan, Keyna and Tydfil – more to come! I am fascinated by the many family, educational and dynastic connections among the British saints – quite a network, and this is true for the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon strains. I wonder if there is a family tree…

Holy St Mabena, pray to God for us.

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