Posted by: anna | December 7, 2009

St Minfreda of Cornwall

Today we commemorate St Minver (Menefreda, Menwreda, Minefreda, Mynfreda, Mefrida, Menifride) of Cornwall, another of the saintly children of Brychan (so far we have encountered also Tydfil, Keyne and Mabyn). Baring-Gould mentions various sources for her legend but there is very little information available and David Farmer predictably provides the best summary:

‘Minver (Menefreda) (6th century(?)), virgin. Often called a daughter of Brychan, but probably his grand-daughter and the daughter of Brynach, she seems to have originated in South Wales (possibly at Minwear, Dyfed), and lived as a nun at Tredresick, near Padstow (Cornwall). There a church and well bear her name; nearby Lundy Hole was traditionally the place where the devil fled, discomfited when Minver threw her comb at him, after he tempted her while she was combing her hair at the well. Feast: 24 (or 23) November.’

“Minver” The Oxford Dictionary of Saints. David Hugh Farmer. Oxford University Press 2003. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. University of Oxford. 7 December 2009

Holy St Minfreda, pray to God for us.

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