Posted by: anna | December 10, 2009

St Cyngar

Today we commemorate another Welsh missionary to Cornwall, St. Congar or Cyngar, bishop of Somerset. And I have another handy resource to quote from, the Dictionary of Welsh Biography, based at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth:

‘CYNGAR , saint ( fl. 6th cent. ). Two ‘ Vitae S. Cungari ’ are known to modern biographers . The oldest, recently discovered in fragmentary form at Wells , Somerset , was composed probably in the 12th cent. ; the second is a fuller but later version added to the 1516 printed edition of John of Teignmouth ‘s ‘ Vitae SS. ’ They relate that, after founding Congresbury in Somerset , S. Cungar crossed to Glamorgan and landed on the banks of the river Thaw . In Glamorgan he established two monasteries at places not exactly located, and came into contact with a king Poulentus and a prince named Pebiau . According to the ‘Life’ of S. Cybi (q.v.) , which states that that saint and S. Cungar were kinsmen, S. Cungar accompanied S. Cybi first to Ireland and then to Anglesey . A Cyngar is the patron saint of Llangefni in Anglesey and of Hope in Flints . The second ‘ Vita S. Cungari ’ identifies the saint with S. Doccuinus , but this statement is of doubtful authority. Cyngar is also honoured in Somerset , Cornwall , and Brittany . The festival of Cyngar is variously given as 7 and 27 Nov. , perhaps as the result of confusion between more than one saint bearing the same name. ‘

– Hywel David Emanuel, M.A., (1921-70), Aberystwyth. Welsh Biography Online, article available at . Accessed 10 December 2009.

The troparion comes from [celt-saints] – where do they find them??

Troparion (Tone 8)
In Congresbury’s monastery thou wast laid to rest, O Father Congar, Evangeliser of Somerset and teacher of monastics. Pray to God for us that we may worthily follow in thy footsteps bringing the light of the Faith to those who languish in the darkness of unbelief, making this a
second Age of Saints, that thereby many souls may be saved.

Holy St Cyngar, pray to God for us.

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