Posted by: anna | January 20, 2010

St Kentigerna

Today we commemorate St. Kentigerna, hermit of Loch Lomond. From Miss Dunbar:

KENTIGERNA (CAENTIGERN, CAINTIGERNA, CANTIGERNA, COENTIGERNA, QUINTIGERNA). Probably 8th century ; but she has been placed in the 6th, also 9th. Daughter of Ceallach, king of Leinster. Sister of St. Comgan. Wife of Feradach, prince of Monchestree. Mother of St. Fillan, besides several other children. Fillan was born with a disfigurement, which gave him the appearance of having a large stone in his mouth, and his father ordered him to be thrown into the neighbouring lake as a monster. His mother commended him with tears to Divine pity. St. Ibar saw him at the bottom of the lake, playing with angels, who brought him safe to shore, and Ibar christened him.

When Kentigerna was a widow she left Ireland, with her brother Comgan and her son Fillan. They settled at Strathfillan in Perthshire. In her old age she desired to give herself entirely to devotion, and went to live in the island of Inchelrock or Inch-Cailliach in Loch Lomond, where for ages the parish church was called by her name. Her son Fillan has been confounded with St. Fullan, brother of SS. Fursey and Ultan, mentioned in the history of Gertrude of Nivelles. Both Fillan and Fullan are spelt in several ways, and their dates and localities are obscure. Fillan, the son of Kentigerna, is said to have studied in a dark cell where he wrote with his right hand by the light of his left.

Holy St Kentigerna, pray to God for us.

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