Posted by: anna | January 30, 2010

St. Mildgyth of Lyminge, virgin (676)

Today (17 January) we commemorate St. Mildgyth of Lyminge, virgin (676)

St. Milgitha, Jan. 17 (Mildgyda, Milgidra, Milgith, Milguie, Milgythe, Milvida, Milwyde), 7th century. Daughter of Merowald and ERMENBURGA and younger sister of MILDRED and MILBURGA. [also niece of martyrs Ethelred and Ethelbert] Nun near Canterbury, at Estrey, built by Egbert, king of Kent.

Another saint of whom little is known, though she was a member of a notable family, other members of which have turned up here. From Mr Farmer:

‘She was the youngest and least famous of the three daughters of Merewald, king of Mercia, and Ermenburga, princess of Kent; her sisters were Mildred and Milburga. According to one tradition she became a nun in Northumbria and was buried there; the Thanet tradition, however, made her a nun of Eastry, and the successor of Mildred, abbess of that monastery, and claimed that both of them were buried there. When the Danes destroyed Thanet, the bones of both of them were hidden at Lyming until Lanfranc translated them to his hospital of St. Gregory, Canterbury, in 1085.’

“Mildgyth” The Oxford Dictionary of Saints. David Hugh Farmer. Oxford University Press 2003. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. University of Oxford. 2 February 2010

Holy St Mildgyth, pray to God for us.

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