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calendar – British saints for February

British saints for February (NB these are Old Calendar dates)

1 February
St. Brigid, abbess of Kildare (ca. 525). St. Seiriol, abbot of Penmon (Anglesey) and Ynys Seiriol (Puffin Island) (6th C). St. Euny of Western Cornwall (6th C). St. Crewenna, missionary in Cornwall (5th C). St. Jarlath, bishop of Armagh (ca. 480). St. Cinnia, Princess of Ulster (5th C). St. Darlugdach, second abbess of Kildare (ca. 524).

2 February
St. Ronan, bishop of the Isle of Man (6th C). St. Columbanus the Hermit (959). St. Feock of Cornwall.

3 February
St. Caellainn of Roscommon (6th C). Holy Martyr Ia (Ives) of Cornwall (450). St. Laurence, 2nd archbishop of Canterbury (619). St. Werburgh of Chester, abbess of Hanbury (700). St. Werburgh, abbess of Bardney (ca. 785).

4 February
St. Aldate of Gloucester, hieromartyr (577). St. Modan of Dunbarton, hermit (6th C). St. Liephard, hieromartyr and companion to King Cadwall (690).

5 February
Holy Martyr Indract of Glastonbury (ca. 710).

6 February
SS. Mael, and Mun, bishops and nephews of St. Patrick (ca. 488).

7 February
Holy Martyr Augulus (Aule) of London (303). St. Richard of the West Saxons (720).

8 February
St. Kegwe of Monmouthshire (6th C). St. Oncho of Clonmore, poet and pilgrim (600). St. Cuthman of Steyning, hermit (8th C). St. Elfleda, abbess of Whitby (714).

9 February
St. Teilo, bishop of Llandaff and Llandeilo Fawr (6th C). St. Eingan, hermit at Llanengan (6th C).

10 February
St. Merewenna, abbess of Romsey (10th C). St. Trumwin, bishop of Abercorn (ca. 704).

11 February
St. Caedmon of Whitby, monk and hymnographer (ca. 680). St. Gobnait, abbess of Ballyrourney, Cork (5th C).

12 February
St. Ethelwold, monk and bishop of Lindisfarne (740).

13 February
St. Modomnoc, bishop of Ossory (550). St. Huna of Ely, priest and hermit (690). St. Dyfnog of Clwyd (7th C). St. Ermenhild, abbess of Ely (ca. 700).

14 February
St. Conran, bishop of the Orkney Islands.

15 February
St. Berach of Connaught (5th C). St. Dochow (473). St. Farannan of Allernan (590). St. Oswy, King of Northumbria (670). St. Sigfrid of Glastonbury, Apostle of Sweden (ca. 1045).

17 February
St. Fintan, abbot of Clonenagh (603). St. Loman, first bishop of Trim (4th C). St. Fortchern, second bishop of Trim (5th C). St. Finan, bishop of Lindisfarne (661).

18 February
St. Colman, bishop of Lindisfarne (676). St. Ethelina of Gloucestershire.

19 February
St. Odran the Martyr (452).

20 February
St. Bolcan, bishop of Derkan (480). St. Colgan, abbot of Clonmacnoise (ca. 796).

21 February
St. Erkengota, Princess of Kent (660).

22 February
St. Elwin (Elwyn) the Martyr, Missionary to Cornwall (5th C).

23 February
St. Jurmin (Germin) of East Anglia, confessor (7th C). St. Milburgh, abbess of Wenlock (7th C). St. Boswell (Boisil), abbot of Melrose (ca. 661).

24 February
St. Cummain Ailbe, abbot of Iona (669).

25 February
St. Ethelbert, King of Kent (616). St. Walburga the Myrrh-Giver, abbess of Heidenheim (779).

27 February
St. Comgan, abbot of Glenthsen or Killeshin (ca. 565). Holy Martyr Alnoth of Stowe, nr. Bugbrooke (ca. 700).

28 February
St. Llibio of Anglesey (6th C). St. Madoc, bishop of Llanmadog (6th C). St. Sillan, abbot of Bangor (610). Holy Hieromartyr Herefrith, bishop of Lindsey (869).


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