Posted by: anna | February 2, 2010

World Day of Orthodox Youth

A Prayer for Young People
O Lord our God and Creator, We pray that You may look with mercy upon the Orthodox youth, and send into their hearts, minds and mouths the spirit of wisdom, intelligence, piety and fear of God. Enlighten them with the light of Your Wisdom giving them strength and resolve, that they may receive and willingly assimilate Your Divine Law, and every good and profitable knowledge; that they may progress in wisdom, reason and every good deed for the glory of Your Holy Name, and that health and a long life may be given to them for the magnification and glory of Your Church;

Let us all say: Hear us, O Lord, and be swift to have mercy!

It’s more than three years since my first encounter with Orthodox young (and youngish) people, and almost a year since I was received. I can’t say this wouldn’t have happened any other way, because God will have it his own way in the end, but perhaps I can say it happened the best way! We do lots of different things in our daily lives and when we get together, but there is always a lot of food, laughter and music. When people ask me what [on earth could possibly have] made me decide to [leave a nice sensible liberal Anglican life with lots of Palestrina and] become [something as outlandish and odd as] Orthodox, my first response is: it was just obvious. These people had what I had always been looking for. I’m still a total novice, barely learning to read (literally and metaphorically) and feeling so often that I still, again, don’t have a clue, but from that first carol singing in London I felt completely welcome and in the right place, and very soon I felt, and still feel, completely at home. Often a funny home, and not a perfect one, but HOME with family.
O Son of God Who art wonderful in Thy saints, save us who sing to Thee: Alleluia!



  1. I just read today that it was World Orthodox Youth Day, I'd never heard that before!

    many years!

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