Posted by: anna | February 3, 2010

St Brigid of Kilbride

Today (21 January) we commemorate St Brigid (Briga) of Kilbride. I was getting completely tangled up with the 10 or so Brigids listed by Miss Dunbar, and especially between Brigid of Kildare, one of the patron saints of Ireland, and this Brigid, or Briga, of Kilbride, a direct contemporary of Brigid of Kildare and one who may well have met her. (The medieval historian immediately thinks: conflation/ bifurcation/ confusion.) But after skimming past it a time or two in the last year or so, I have finally twigged to the usefulness of Under the Oak, a blog by an Orthodox woman in Ireland, who provides such a good guide to to the tangled stories of Brigid/Briga that I will just give you the link and encourage you to discover some more of the richness of the heritage of Irish saints that she presents.
Holy St Brigid, pray to God for us.

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