Posted by: anna | February 7, 2010

St Thorgith of Barking

Today (25 January) we commemorate Thordgyth of Barking, (Theorgith, Thorgith, Thorgyth, Tortgith, Torchgith, TORCTGYD, THEORITGITHA, in French THERGITE), 7th or 8th century.

from Miss Dunbar: A nun at Barking, under ST. ETHELBURGA (2), whom she assisted in the education of the younger nuns. For the last nine years of her life, Torchgith suffered from a painful disease which gradually took away the use of her limbs. One evening as she was going out of her room, she distinctly saw a person, wrapped in a winding sheet and shining like the sun, drawn up towards heaven from the roof of the monastery. The vision was prophetic of the death of the holy abbess : which occurred a few days afterwards. Torchgith lived three years longer, but her malady increased so much as to deprive her entirely of the power of walking and of speech. A few days before her death, she recovered the use of her tongue and was heard conversing with the departed abbess and begging her to pray that she might be released from her suffering life. Ethelburga promised that she should die in the night of the following day, and Torchgith gave thanks to God in an audible voice.
Holy St Thorgith, pray to God for us.

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