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St Anna of Novgorod

We interrupt the programme of British saints to commemorate my patron saint, our Venerable Mother Anna, Right-believing Great Princess of Russia, Wonderworker of Novgorod It is also the anniversary of my chrismation and reception into Orthodoxy a year ago (10 February in old money).

St. Anna, Grand Duchess of Novgorod and mother of St. Vladimir the Enlightener of Rus, was born and baptized in the West. She was the daughter of the Swedish King Olaf Sketkung, the “All-Christian King,” who did much to spread Orthodoxy Christianity in Scandinavia, and the pious Queen Astrida. In Sweden, she was known as Princess Indigherd [Ingegerd] and as a Scandinavian princess was unusually well educated for the time, in history and literature. She married Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev, in 1016, taking the name Irene. She gave shelter to the outcast sons of British King Edmund, Edwin and Edward, as well as Norwegian Prince Magnus, who later returned to Norway. She is perhaps best known as the mother of Grand Prince Vladimir, the Enlightener of Rus and Equal-to-the-Apostles, and of Vsevolod of Pereyaslavl, himself the father of Vladimir Monomakh and progenitor of the Princes of Moscow. Her daughters were Queen Anne of France, Queen Maria of Hungary, and Queen Elizabeth of Norway. The whole family was profoundly devout and pious. In Kiev, St. Irene-Anna founded the convent of St. Irene the Great-Martyr, and ruled it. She reposed in 1050 in the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom (St. Sophia) in Kiev, having been tonsured a monastic with the name of Anna.

Troparion, Tone 1
Lysande från väst såsom en stjärna som upplyser himmelen, värdigades du mottaga den Ortodoxa tron, och i det du frambar den som en frukt till det välsignade Ryska landet, heliga och saligt troende furstinna Anna, omfattade du Kristus med hela ditt hjärtas kärlek. Bevarande Hans rättfärdighet och bud, i det vi i dag firar ditt allraheligaste minne, mottager vi genom dina böner syndernas förlåtelse.

Having shone forth from the West like a star of heavenly radiance, thou wast vouchsafed to receive the Orthodox Faith; and having brought forth right glorious fruit for the Russian land therein, O holy right-believing Princess Anna, thou didst love Christ with all thy heart, keeping His statutes and laws. Wherefore, celebrating thy most holy memory today, through thy supplications we receive remission of sins.
Troparion till Heliga Anna av Novgorod Ton 7
I dig, o Moder, bevarades den gudomliga avbilden, Du tog ditt kors och efterföljde Kristus; genom dina gärningar lärde Du Dig förakta det förgängliga köttet och att vårda själen, den odödliga skapelsen. Därför fröjdar sig, saliga Anna, din själ med helgonen.

In thee, O Mother, was the divine image preserved; You took your cross and followed after Christ; by your deeds did you learn to despise the perishable flesh and to nurture the soul, the immortal creation. Therefore rejoiceth, Blessed Anna, your soul with the saints.

icon by the hand of Tove Ahlbäck, Helsinki

Kontakion till Heliga Anna av Novgorod
Du ärevördiga i kärlek till Herren föraktade du längtan efter vila! Du lät din själ upplysas genom faror och besegrade i kraft odjuren. Tillintetgör genom dina förböner vedersakarnas bedräglighet.

Kontakion, in Tone II
In thy love for thy Lord Thou didst suppress all longing for rest, and by the patient endurance of afflictions thou didst bring thy soul to divine enlightenment, repelling all the assaults of the demons, O venerable mother Anna; wherefore, in thine intercessions pray that we also may overcome the wiles of the enemy of our race.

More – much more to come in other years, and at her other feast in October!

Pray to God for me, O holy mother Irina-Anna, well-pleasing to God, for I readily commend myself to you, who are the speedy helper and intercessor for my soul.

Genom våra heliga mödrars och fäders förböner, Herre Jesus Kristus vår Gud, förbarma Dig över oss.



  1. many years!

  2. I've heard her name, but never known much more about her, so thank you!

    A blessed Patron Saint Day, and Many Years on this anniversary!

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