Posted by: anna | March 8, 2010

St Milburga, abbess of Wenlock

Today (23 February) we commemorate St. Milburgh, abbess of Wenlock (7th C). From Miss Dunbar:

St. Milburga, or MILDBURGA or WINBURG, Feb. 23, + 722. Abbess of Wenlock. Daughter of ERMENBURGA or DOMNEVA, abbess of Minster. Sister of MILDRED and MILGITHA.

Milburga was consecrated abbess of the monastery of Wenlock, on the borders of Wales, by Archbishop Theodore, its founder. A neighbouring prince at tempted to compel her to become his wife, and with that intent pursued her with an armed force. She fled across a river, which at once rose into an impassable flood and discouraged her pursuers. A poor widow came to her in her oratory, bringing the body of her little dead son. Throwing herself at the feet of the abbess, she besought her to raise the child to life. Milburga said, ” You must be mad ! how can I raise your child ? Go and bury him, and submit to the bereavement sent you by God.” ” No,” said the sorrowing mother, ” I will not leave you till you give me back my son.” The abbess prayed over the little corpse, and while doing so, she suddenly appeared to the poor supplicant to be raised from earth and surrounded by lovely flames, the living emblem of the fervour of her prayer. In a few minutes the child recovered.

Milburga’s monastery was destroyed by the Danes ; but in the twelfth century it was rebuilt and inhabited by Cluniac monks.

Holy Mother Milburga, pray to God for us.

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