Posted by: anna | April 12, 2010

St Osburga of Coventry

Today (30 March) we commemorate St. Osburga of Coventry, virgin (c. 1015). More sacking by the pillaging Danes. From Stanton’s Menology:

The Monastery of Coventry was founded for women by King Canute in the year 1016 (i.e., as Farmer points out, before he was recognised as king), and Osburga was appointed Abbess. In the year 1045 religious were expelled, and it was at a later period that a new foundation for men was established on the site by the Earl Leofric and his wife Godiva. We have no records of St Osburga till the year 1410, when it appears that the devout people of Coventry still maintained the practice of visiting her sepulchre, and that so many miracles were performed that the clergy and people agreed to address a petition to the Bishop, to ask that her festival might be observed. Leterich — so the Bishop was called — assembled his synod accordingly, and issued a decree that the festival of St. Osburga should be observed throughout the archdeaconry of Coventry, with all the solemnity attributed to the Patron Saints of other places. The precise day appointed is not known.
Holy St Osburga, pray to God for us.


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