Posted by: anna | April 22, 2010

St Dotto of Orkney

Today (9 April) we commemorate St. Dotto of Orkney (6th C), abbot.

From O’Hanlon vol 4 : ‘It is stated, by Camerarius, in his Scottish Menology, that formerly St. Dotto was an Abbot, celebrated among the Orkney Islanders, and that one of the group was known as the Island of St. Dotto.’ The Orkneys contained churches and monasteries, dedicated to St. Brandan.'” The Bollandists observe, however, that there is no mention of such an Island, in the very accurate description of the Orkneys, given by Robert Gordon,’ nor does it seem to be noticed among the group, in the best modern Atlases. The Bollandists, who notice Dotto, at the 9th of April, seem to be in doubt, not alone as to his Cultus, but even as to his existence ; since they find no mention of him, in Dempster’s Menologium Scoticum, in a Manuscript Catalogue of the Saints of Scotland, nor in the Breviary of Aberdeen.

From Butler’s Lives of the Saints: ‘One of the isles of Orkney, in which he founded and governed a great monastery in the sixth century, bears his name to this day. In the same island stood other monasteries and churches dedicated to God under the patronage of Saint Brendan. Though all the isles of Orkney are recommended for the healthfulness of the air and longevity of the inhabitants, this of St Dotto is remarkable above the rest on these accounts. Our saints lived near one hundred years, and with great joy repeated in his last moments: I have rejoiced in those things which have been told me: we will go into the house of the Lord. Ps. cxxi. ‘

– blog of the Transalpine Redemptorists on Papa Stronsay, now reconciled with Rome, or anyway they are now in full communion if they weren’t exactly not-reconciled before, who live very close to the saints of Orkney.
Holy St Dotto, pray to God for us.
Day 112 of the year

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