Posted by: anna | April 23, 2010

SS Beocca and Hethor and the monks of Chertsey

This image of the icon of the Synaxis of the Saints of London, by the hand of Mother Justina of the Greek Old Calendarist convent of St. Elizabeth, Etna, California, is taken from the St George Orthodox Information Service website. In the icon, as explained at the Western Saints Icon Project, ‘Sts. Peter and Paul flank the crucified Lord. In the centre beneath the Cross are the holy martyrs of Chertsey abbey in Surrey. The front two Saints in this group are St. Beocca (left) and St. Ethor (right).’

Today (10 April) we commemorate the Monk-martyrs Beocca and Hethor of Chertsey, martyred by the Danes (869). From Stanton’s Menology:

‘At Chertsey in Surrey, the commemoration of St Beocca, Abbot; St Ethor, Priest and Monk, together with eighty or ninety religious men of the same community, who were burnt in their monastery, in hatred of the Christian faith, by the pagan Danes, in their cruel ravages, about the year of Christ 870. Also at Barking in Essex, the precious memory of the religious women of the Abbey founded by St Erkonwald and St Ethelburga, all of whom were put to death by the pagans for the same holy cause, and whose names, not known on earth, are recorded in the Book of Life. The day of the passion of these holy martyrs has not been preserved.’

Commemoration of Beocca, Hethor and the martyrs of Chertsey on orthodoxengland

Holy saints of Chertsey Abbey, pray to God for us.

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