Posted by: anna | May 6, 2010

St Ibar

Today (23 April) we commemorate St. Ibar (Iberius, Ivor), Bishop, of Leinster or Meath or Begery (5th C). From Baring-Gould:

According to some accounts, S. Ibar was bishop in Ireland before the arrival of S. Patrick. That he was a contemporary of the great apostle of Ireland cannot be denied, and that is as much as can be granted consistently with the truth of history. The accounts which occur in the late tracts and lives abound in anachronisms and contradictions, while the old Irish annals and the most correct lives of S. Patrick are in direct opposition to them. According to some of these late stories, invented at a time when some bishops claimed a pre-eminence and antiquity for their sees to which they were not originally entitled, Ibar of Beg-erin or Begery opposed S. Patrick, and refused to acknowledge his jurisdiction, till he was admonished to do so by an angel. When S. Patrick met with hostility in Tipperary from the prince, Olild, he requested Ibar to offer prayers to God for his conversion, and these prayers were so efficacious that Olild, his family, and all his subjects, are said to have been converted and baptized. That Ibar was a bishop before 465 is hardly probable; in all likelihood he was consecrated by S. Patrick. His school at Beg-erin was famous throughout the land, and a nursery of saints.

Wikipedia and here as well

Troparion of St Ibar Tone 8
Thou didst prepare the way for Saint Patrick by thy fearless preaching in Ireland, O holy Father Ibar./ Pray for the present dwellers in Meath and Leinster and for all in these Islands,/ that the true Faith may spread in our own days, to the glory of God.

Holy St Ibar, pray to God for us.

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