Posted by: anna | May 8, 2010

St Mella

Today (25 April) we commemorate St. Mella, abbess of Doire-Melle (ca. 780). From Miss Dunbar:

St. Mella, MELD, or MELLE, March 9, 31, 6th or 8th century. Abbess of Doire Melle, i.e. the oak grove of Melle. She was of the family of Macgnai or Macnae, and was mother of two saints, Cannech or Kenneth a priest, one of the great Irish saints, and Tigernach an abbot. On the death of her husband, Tigernach resigned to her his monastery on Lough Melve or Melge in Leitrim. She there collected a number of pious women whom she governed for many years, according to Colgan, in the 8th century. Another MELLA was mother of St. Abban and sister of St. Coemgin, early in the 6th century ; and there was a St. Mel, a man, a disciple of St. Patrick.

Under the Oak quotes Fr O’Hanlon’s uncharacteristically brief account.

Holy St Mella, pray to God for us.

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