Posted by: anna | May 9, 2010

saints of the day

Today (26 April) the yorkthodox calendar is again devoid of British saints, but Miss Dunbar yields St Euthymia [Greek:ευθυμία, “gladness, good mood, serenity”] , martyred at Antioch in Syria, St Simia, martyr in Africa, and St Glaphyra, of whom a few more details are provided:

St. Glaphyra, Jan. 13; April 26 (Greek Church), Virgin of Amasia, in Pontus. + c. 324. She was one of the attendants of Constantia Augusta, sister of Constantino, and wife of Licinius, who shared the empire with Constantino. Licinius having insulted Glaphyra, she sought the protection of Constantia, who sent her away disguised as a man, with many presents, attendants, and everything necessary. She went to Amasia, where she was well received by Basileus, the bishop. With the money received from Constantia, Glaphyra built a church. Constantia then sent her more. Licinius, however, heard of her flight, and sent orders to the Governor of Amasia to send her and the bishop in chains to him. Glaphyra died before the order could be executed, but Basileus was put to death, according to Eusebius, in the year 324.

Holy mothers in Christ, pray to God for us.

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