Posted by: anna | May 11, 2010

St Gerard

Today (28 April) we commemorate St. Gerard, Confessor and Pilgrim. From Stanton’s Menology:

‘Gerard was one of the devout companions of St Ardwyne, who undertook the toilsome pilgrimage from Great Britain to the holy places of Palestine. St Bernard and St. Fulk were also of the number; and when the main object of the journey was piously accomplished, and they were returning through Italy, all the four were so attracted by the holy solitude of Mount Gargano that they retreated to certain small caves which they discovered there, and spent several years in the most rigorous austerity and in sublime prayer. At length they received a divine call to start for Rome ; and it was in the execution of this obedience that these holy friends, one after another, in different places on the way, found that eternal repose, which was the only desire of their hearts. The first to be called from this world was St. Gerard, who was seized with fever, and compelled to halt at Gallinaro. After a few days’ illness, borne with singular resignation and joy, in the presence of his friends, he gave up his soul to God, and was buried in a spot chosen by himself, not far from the village.

‘The place of his sepulture became the scene of various miracles, in consequence of which his sanctity was recognised by the people, and a church erected over his relics. As these tokens of divine favour were multiplied, Gallinaro became the resort of numerous pilgrimages, and the grateful inhabitants chose St Gerard as the Patron of their country. Gerard is said to have died in the month of April, and his festival is observed on the first day after Easter. ‘

Holy St Gerard, pray to God for us.

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