Posted by: anna | May 26, 2010

St Mael of Bardsey

Today (13 May) we commemorate St Mael (Mel, Mahel), the Hermit of Bardsey (6th C). The best I can find about his apparently mostly undocumented life is from the indefatigable celt-saints:

‘Saint Mael followed Saint Cadfan (f.d. November 1) from Brittany into Wales, where he became one of the solitaries of the isle of Bardsey (Benedictines). ‘

The parish history of SS Mael and Sulien at Cwm (Flintshire) says that ‘St Mael lived in the 6th Century, and came over from Brittany with St Cadfan. St Sulien was also a saint of the 6th Century, and came with the brothers Rhystyd and Christiolus to Wales from Brittany, and became a member of the monastic community on Bardsey Island. The two saints are often coupled together, and tradition says that they were brothers. The Parish Church of Corwen is also dedicated to them. Their feast day is 13th May. ‘ Here is a bit more about the history of Bardsey Island and its abbey, and similar information from Wikipedia. It is possible to visit and even stay on Bardsey – the puffins may be coming back there… It’s a beautiful little jewel off the end of the Llyn Peninsula – idyllic on a sunny day and suitably grim for an ascetic eremitical retreat for the rest of the year!

Troparion of St Mael tone 5O holy Mael,/ worthy disciple of Bardsey’s Founder Cadfan/, and hermit on the Isle of Saints:/ together with thy fellow monastics/ who have attained to glory,/ pray for us to Christ our God/ that He grant us His great mercy.

Holy St Mael, pray to God for us.

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