Posted by: anna | June 9, 2010

Akathist 11

Kontakion 11

Through the icy link of the ages, I feel the warmth of Your Divine breath; I hear the flow of blood. You are already near; time has partly vanished. I see Your Cross; it is for my sake. My spirit is in ashes before the Cross, where there is a triumph of love and salvation, and unceasing praise unto all ages: Alleluia!
Blessed is he who will have supper in Your Kingdom, but You have already admitted me to this bliss. How many times have You extended to me with Your Divine Hand, Your body and blood; and I, such a sinner, have taken this sacred gift and felt Your love – unutterable and beyond all being:
Glory to You, for the unfathomable, life-giving power of grace,
Glory to You, Who have raised up Your Church as a refuge of peace for an exhausted world,
Glory to You, Who breathe new life into us with the life-giving water of Baptism,
Glory to You, Who restore the purity of immaculate lilies to those who repent,
Glory to You, inexhaustible abyss of forgiveness,
Glory to You, for the cup of life, for the bread of eternal joy,
Glory to You, Who led us to heaven,
Glory to You, O God, unto ages of ages.


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