Posted by: anna | June 11, 2010

Akathist 9

Kontakion 9

Why does all nature smile mysteriously on feast days? Why is the heart filled at these times with a wonderful lightness that is incomparable to anything on earth; how is it that the very air at the altar and in the Church become light bearing? This is the breath of Your grace, the glow of the light of Tabor; the sky and the earth are singing at these times in praise: Alleluia!
When You have inspired me to serve those around me and illumined my heart with humility, one of Your innumerable rays falls on my heart making it light bearing, as iron in fire; and I saw Your mysterious, imperceptible Face:

Glory to You, Who have transfigured our life with the good things that we do,
Glory to You, Who have imprinted an unutterable sweetness on every precept of Yours,
Glory to You, Who clearly abide where there is kindness and generosity of heart,

Glory to You, Who send failures and sorrows to us so that we might be sensitive to the sufferings of others,
Glory to You, Who have placed a great reward on the value of goodness in itself,
Glory to You, Who accept our moments of soaring,
Glory to You, Who have raised love higher than anything on earth or in heaven,
Glory to You, O God, unto ages of ages.

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