Posted by: anna | June 12, 2010

Akathist 8

Kontakion 8

How near You are in the days of illness; You Yourself visit the sick. You Yourself bend down to the bed of the sufferer and the heart speaks to You. In times of hardship and suffering, You illumine the soul with peace; You send unexpected help. You are consoling, searching and saving love, and to You we sing the song: Alleluia!


When as a child I consciously called to You for the first time, You answered my prayer and my soul knew a wonderful peace. Then I understood that You are goodness; blessed are those who seek You. I began to call to You again and again, and call to You even now:

Glory to You, Who grant my wishes when they are good,
Glory to You, Who watch over me day and night,

Glory to You, curing hardships and losses with the healing course of time,

Glory to You, for Whom there is no such thing as a hopeless loss; You give eternal life to all,
Glory to You, Who have made immortal all that is good and lofty, Who have promised our desired reunion with those who have died,

Glory to You, O God, unto ages of ages.


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