Posted by: anna | June 14, 2010

Akathist 6

Kontakion 6

How great and near You are in the power of thunderstorms, how visible is Your mighty hand in the blinding curves of lightning, amazing in Your greatness. The voice of the Lord is over the fields and in the sound of the forests; the voice of the Lord is in the birth of the thunder and rain; the voice of the Lord is over many waters. Praise be to You in the thundering of volcanoes spitting fire. You shake the earth about like a garment. You lift up the waves of the sea into the sky. Praise be to You Who humble human pride, drawing out the repentant cry: Alleluia!


When the palaces of earth are suddenly lit up by lightning bursting forth, how paltry seem our ordinary lights afterward. In just such a way You suddenly light up my soul during the times of deepest joy in my life. And after the brilliance of Your light, like lightning, how colorless, dark and unreal these moments seem. And my soul rushes in pursuit of You:

Glory to You, beyond the limit of the highest human dream!

Glory to You, for our tireless thirst for You,

Glory to You, Who have inspired in us dissatisfaction with earthly things,
Glory to You, Who have enveloped us in the delicate rays of Your light,
Glory to You, Who have broken the power of the spirits of darkness, and Who have doomed to annihilation every kind of evil,
Glory to You, for Your revelations, and for the happiness of feeling Your presence and living with You,
Glory to You, O God, unto ages of ages.


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