Posted by: anna | July 3, 2010

St Edburga of Caistor

Today (20 June) we commemorate St Edburgh of Caistor (7th century). From Miss Dunbar:
St. Edburga (3) June 20 (EDBURGH, IDBERGA, IDBERG, IDUBERG, ITISBERGA), V. 7th century. Daughter of Penda, heathen king of Mercia. One of four sainted sisters KYNEBURGA (1), KYNEDRIDE (1), and KYNESWITHA. They were all nuns at Dormundcaster, or Caister, otherwise called Kuneburgcaster, in Northamptonshire, [now Castor near Peterborough, in Cambridgeshire]founded by their brother Peada, c. 655. Their relics were translated to Peterborough, and part of them were carried, about 1040, from there to Berg St. Winnok, in Flanders, where the memory of St. Edburga is still honoured. Butler. Smith and Wace.


Holy Saint Edburga, pray to God for us.

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