Posted by: anna | July 22, 2010

SS Kilian, Colman and Totman

As we move into a second annual cycle of saints’ commemorations, I will still be concentrating on British saints, but I will include western saints more broadly (geographically speaking). And as we have already seen, many of the western saints commemorated outside of Britain had their origins in the British isles anyway. And vice versa!
Today (9 July) we commemorate the Hieromartyr Killian, bishop in East Franconia and Thuringia, and his companions Hieromonk Colman and Hierodeacon Totman, at Wurzburg. These saints are commemorated on 8 July according to celt-saints, but the 8th has a much livelier population than the 9th and perhaps the Russian calendar is redressing the balance a bit. I will defer to Brigid at Under the Oak for a summary of his Life and also for texts (and a CD plug) from his medieval Latin office.

Catholic Encyclopedia
auch auf deutsch immer noch wohl bekannt – viele Kilianskirchen!

Troparion Ton 4  à saint Kilien, évêque martyr en Thuringe, (Natalice en 689 A.D.)

Irlandais, tu vins avec onze compagnons,*
Pour apporter l’Evangile aux peuples païens.*
Evêque de la Thuringe, tu as convaincu*
Le duc de rompre son union illégitime. *
Son épouse illicite te fit massacrer.*
Saint Kilien, prie le Seigneur de sauver nos âmes!

An Irishman, you went with eleven companions, *
To bring the Gospel to pagan peoples.*
Bishop of Thuringia, you convinced *
The Duke to break his illegitimate union. *
His illicit wife caused you to be killed.*
St. Kilian, pray to the Lord to save our souls!

Holy St Kilian, pray to God for us.

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