Posted by: anna | August 6, 2010

St Lewina of Seaford

Today (24 July) we commemorate the Virgin-martyr Lewina of Seaford (5th C). From Miss Dunbar:

St. Lewine or LEVINNA, July 22, 24. V. M. A British maiden, said to be of royal birth, supposed to have suffered martyrdom from some pagan Saxon in the 7th century. Her body was kept in a monastery at Seaford, near Lewes in Sussex, and translated in 1058 to Berg St. Winoc in Flanders, where her feast is observed, July 24. The abbey was burnt and her body in it, 1558. The history of the translation and of the miracles then wrought was written by Drogo, a contemporary historian. These miracles are recorded also by the Calvinist century writers of Magdeburg.


Ton 5 Tropaire à sainte Lewine, martyre

Jeune fille originaire de la Bretagne,*
Modèle de pureté et de dévotion,*
Vierge consacrée au Christ, ton époux céleste,*
Tu vivais selon la loi du Saint Evangile*
Quand tu fus mise à mort par les païens saxons.*
Sainte Lewine, prie le Seigneur pour nos âmes!

Young woman from Brittany,
Model of purity and piety,
Virgin consecrated to Christ, your heavenly Bridegroom,
You lived according to the law of the Holy Gospel
When you were put to death by the pagan Saxons.
Holy Lewinna, pray to the Lord for our souls!
Holy St Lewine, pray to God for us.

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