Posted by: anna | August 16, 2010

St. Trea of Ardtree, recluse

Today (3 August) we commemorate St. Trea (or Trega, Treha) the Recluse of Ardtrea (5th C). The alternate spelling makes me suspect that Trea is pronounced with two syllables, like Thea. It seems that Trea was baptized by, or at least inspired to the Christian life by, St Patrick. Under the Oak reproduces O’Hanlon’s account of her story, so I won’t (except to correct ‘nourished’ in the first para to ‘flourished’). Fr O’Hanlon appears to be the only one who mentions her at all, so that’s that.
Holy St Trega, pray to God for us.


  1. Whoops, that typo got past me, some of the misread scans can be unintentionally funny. I enjoy your work very much, good to see Baring-Gould is not forgotten. Whatever the problems with their scholarship, there is still a lot of valuable material in the work of these old Victorian clerical scholars. Keep up the good work!

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