Posted by: anna | August 22, 2010

Transfiguration Sunday

A proper Oxford photo for two Oxford graduates who are spreading their wings to very far-flung places! But they’ll be back… they better, because I miss them, not least in choir. So good to be singing together again (soprano-alto-tenor, in fact) this morning 🙂 Here, we are in Radcliffe Square (more), with part of All Souls College (more photos) in the background.
And this is the Radcliffe Camera, the undergraduate reading rooms of the University library. You can see a little bit of Brasenose College to the left of it. As we sat down to tea and wasps at the Vaults, it occurred to me that with our postponement from Thursday to Sunday, we must have been the last parish anywhere to celebrate the Transfiguration this year! Can we still have a full octave of the Afterfeast?
AND to round off our splendid Sunday, a visit to the very-nearly-ready new church! Above, the altar from the choir gallery.
Altar and some of the nave from the choir gallery.
to give an idea of the length of the nave. Not much more space than we have in St Giles’ hall, but it will be single-purpose and not a thoroughfare. The door will be between the nave and narthex.
from the choir gallery through to the Sunday School room
Sunday School room – won’t the children love these low windows! While they were looking for this church, the parish treasurer lived in that house across the road, and moved out just as they found it. Funny things happen…
The new stairs – we’ll need a baby gate at the top.
Then ‘a cup of tea’ at the parish house turned out to be a positively sumptuous high tea with Fr Christopher and his family, visiting from Moscow. As it was our delayed Feast of the Transfiguration there was lots of fruit (we admired, but did not eat, the twins’ proudly home grown new potatoes) and some NOM home made rocky road.
S’praznikom! Happy Feast!

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