Posted by: anna | August 23, 2010

St Bettelin (Bertram)

Today (10 August) we commemorate St. Bettelin (Bertram) of Stafford (8th C). There are confusions between Bertram of Stafford and Bettelin of Croyland, a disciple of Guthlac. Baring-Gould notes the confusion, and perpetuates it! celt-saints is the best source in this case:

‘Date unknown. There is a chapel, font, well, and substantial portions of Bettelin’s shrine at Ilam in Stafford, but little remains of his memory. He may have been an Anglo-Saxon hermit, who lived, died, and was venerated in that area. Legend adds some rather improbable details borrowed from the legend of Saint Bertelme of Fecamp: he was a Mercian prince who fell in love with an Irish princess, brought her back to England, and left her in the forest in labour. When he returned with a midwife, a pack of wolves was devouring her. As a result, he became a hermit for the rest of his life (Farmer).’

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Commemoration from orthodoxengland – which also includes the details from the Life of St Bertelme of Fecamp
Newman’s version

Troparion for St. Bertram ~ Tone 7
O holy Bertram, ascetic of the Mercian woods, forsaking worldly wealth, thou didst give thyself to God. Through fasting and prayers by the Manifold, thou didst acquire the riches of the age to come. Pray to Christ for us, that we too may be found worthy of His Kingdom. [source]

Holy St Bertram, pray to God for us.


  1. Can anyone tell me what 'prayers by the Manifold' means??

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