Posted by: anna | September 6, 2010

St Yrchard of Scotland

Today (24 August) we commemorate St. Yrchard (Ychard, Yarcard, Yardcard, Erthard, Irchard) of Scotland, missionary (5th C). From Dr Baring-Gould:

[Dempster in his Scottish Menology. The Aberdeen Breviary.] S. Yarcard, a native of Kincardine, was ordained by S. Ternan, and lived a solitary and ascetic life. He is said to have visited Rome, and received the benediction of Pope Gregory I. But as S. Ternan died in a.d. 431, and S. Gregory in a.d. 606, the Aberdeen Breviary which makes this statement is guilty of a grievous anachronism. There is no reason to doubt that he laboured along with S. Ternan among the Picts in the 5th cent.


Troparion of St Ychard Tone 1
Ordained by St Ternan, with him thou didst labour/ and preach the Gospel to the heathen Picts./ Pray for the faithful who celebrate thy memory and cry:/ Rejoice, O Father Ychard.

Holy Saint Yrchard, pray to God for us.

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