Posted by: anna | September 18, 2010

saints of 5 September

Yorkthodox does not provide any British commemorations for today (5 September on the Julian Calendar), but Miss Dunbar does:

St. Aurea (3), Sept. 5, M. about 252. Patron of Ostia. Aurea appears to have been one of those women who, during the persecutions, used to visit the Christians in prison, and in every possible way minister to the needs of the suffering followers of Christ. She accompanied St. Maximus, a Christian priest, and his deacon Archelaus when they went to visit the prefect Censurinus, who was imprisoned at Ostia. While they were all praying together and singing hymns, the fetters of the prisoner were suddenly unloosed. Seeing this miracle, the guards were converted. Seventeen of them were baptized by St. Maximus. St. Aurea was godmother. Soon afterwards St. Cyriacus, the bishop, confirmed them in the Faith. The new converts led a holy life, after the rule of the early Church, and many miracles were done by them. When the Emperor heard that they had raised the dead to life, he said they were using magic arts, and had them all apprehended and commanded to sacrifice to the gods. Cruel tortures were used to compel them to do so ; and at last they were led to the arch that stood in front of the theatre, and there beheaded. The Christians buried them, and raised a monument at Ostia to their memory.
This story agrees with secular history wherever the comparison can be made. Stilting thinks this is the true story of the St. Aurea who in other fictitious Acts is said to have been thrown into the sea. AA.SS.

Holy St Aurea, pray to God for us.

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