Posted by: anna | September 20, 2010

SS Alcmund and Tilbert of Hexham

Today (7 September) we commemorate SS. Alcmund (Ealhmund, Alhmund, Alchmund) (781) and Tilbert (Gilbert, Tileberht) (789), successive bishops of Hexham in the 8th century. They are known in many of the martyrologies, and recorded as ‘saint and beloved father’ in the chronicles, but nothing of their lives or acts is known.

Stanton’s Menology hospitably makes room on 8 April, which is otherwise unoccupied in his calendar, for a saint ‘the day of whose deposition is not recorded,’ St Tilbert or Gilbert, Bishop of Hexham. He ‘succeeded St Alkmund as Bishop of Hexham, and ruled the See for eight years; but little or nothing is known of his Acts. He is called in the Chronicles Saint and beloved Father.’

O’Hanlon provides a number of very short notices for this day.



wikipedia and here

part of Alcmund’s legend from

information about Hexham Abbey and the parish church home page


Holy Fathers Alcmund and Tilbert, pray to God for us.

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