Posted by: anna | September 26, 2010

St Hedwig of Herford

Today (13 September) we commemorate St Hedwig (Haduwy, Hardwide, Hedwic), + c 887, daughter of St Ida, a close relative of Charlemagne, and niece of Warinus, bishop of Corbie (Corvey, Corvei). She became a nun and then Abbess of Herford in Westphalia in Germany, the first monastery in that area.
Haduwy came from an influential noble family. She was a daughter of Count Asig (Esiko) in Saxon Hesse, whence the name of the Esikons, and thus the granddaughter of Count Ekbert and St Ida of Herzfeld. Her brother, Earl Cobbo the Younger, succeeded his father Asig as Count of Saxon Hesse.
After the death in 849 of her husband Amelung II, son of Bennid I of the House of Billung and nephew of the Earl Cobbo the Elder, their sons Amelung III. and Bennid II, made it at the monastery of Corbie, from their possessions in its immediate surroundings in the Saxon Hessengau, a great foundation for the souls of the departed and entered herself into the religious life. After the death of her aunt Addila Hedwig succeeded as abbess at the Abbey of Herford.
It was thanks to her work and that of her brother Cobbo that in 860 the relics of St Pusinna were translated from their hermitage at Binson (“vicus bausionensis” near Chalons-en-Champagne at Corbie) into Herford Abbey. The abbey thus gained considerable spiritual significance and was later given the name “St. Mary and Pusinna”.
(translation mine, from the German wikipedia article, with help and some hindrance from Googe Translate)
– see orthodoxengland’s list of Western Orthodox saints. Lots more than yorkthodox as its scope includes all of western Europe.
  • The abbey church was dedicated to the Mother of God and St Pusinna.
  • wikipedia in German, Norwegian
  • more about Herford
  • mentioned in ABC Dunbar, but only incidentally to the story of her mother St Ida.
  • Corbie script, Luxeuil minuscule and lots of other lovely examples of early (not exclusively western European) mediaeval palaeography from the Schøyen Collection 
Holy St Haduwy, pray to God for us.

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