Posted by: anna | October 13, 2010

SS Tancred, Torthred and Tova

Today (30 September) we commemorate SS. Tancred, Torthred and Tova, hermits and martyrs (870). The best I can find about them is, surprisingly, from! obviously lifted lock stock from some more reliable source:
‘Tancred, Torthred, and Tova, hermits of Thorney (Cambs.), killed by the Danes in 870. The first two were men, the third a woman, but nothing is known of them. The story of their martyrdom rests on the chronicle of Pseudo-Ingulph, which may include sources older than the 12th century. They were, however, venerated in their Thorney shrine by the year 1000, witnessed by R.P.S. and were among the many saints whose bodies were translated by Ethelwold, but whose names William of Malmesbury was unwilling to write because they sounded so barbarous. Their feast was on 30 September at Thorney and [Market] Deeping.’
Sources provided:
  • ‘On the Resting-Places of the Saints’: Die Heiligen Englands, ed. F. Liebermann (Hanover, 1889)
  • Catalogus Sanctorum Pausantium in Anglia, Lambeth Palace MS. 99
  • William of Malmesbury, Gesta Pontificum, ed. N.E.S.A. Hamilton (R.S., 1870), pp. 327–9;
  • English Benedictine Kalendars, ed. F. Wormald (3 vols. (H.B.S.), 1935–46) after 1100, i. 129–44
Also an edition/translation of  Ingulph’s chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland, which calls the three hermits Thorncred, Thortred and Bosa. There was an abbey at Thorney.
Holy saints Tancred, Thortred and Tova, pray to God for us.

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