Posted by: anna | October 18, 2010

St Galla

Today (5 October) we commemorate St Galla of Rome. From Miss Dunbar:

St. Galla (9), Oct. .3, 5. 6th century. A young, beautiful, and wealthy Roman widow, daughter of Symmachus, one of the most learned and virtuous of the Roman patricians. He was consul in 485, and was put to death at Ravenna in 520, by Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths. Her sister, Rusticiana, married Boethius. Galla lost her husband within a year of her marriage, and decided to devote her life to God. She soon had a serious illness, and was told that unless she married again very soon, she would have a beard, which indeed eventually happened. She was not to be turned from her pious purpose by fear of disfigurement, but took the veil in the monastery of St. Peter. In the last years of a long and holy life, she was afflicted by a cancer in her breast. Shortly before her death, St. Peter appeared to her standing between the two candles which she always kept burning at the foot of her bed. She said, ‘What is it ? Are my sins forgiven?’ He said, ‘Yes; come.’ She begged that BENEDICTA (11), her favourite among the nuns, might come with her. He answered that Benedicta should follow her in thirty days, but that another nun whom he named should die with her. She told her vision to the mother of all the nuns. She and the other nun died in three days, and Benedicta thirty days after them.
Holy St Galla, pray to God for us.

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