Posted by: anna | October 26, 2010

Holy Martyrs Fyncana and Fyndoca of Scotland

Today (13 October) we commemorate the Holy Martyrs Fyncana and Fyndoca of Scotland.
Kalendars of Scottish Saints is a treasure trove – even though the Aberdeen Breviary is elsewhere treated with suspicion, not to say scorn… celt-saints says of these two virgin martyrs only that ‘nothing is known’ and Miss Dunbar cites Forbes. Anyway, here is what Forbes has to say:
FYNDOCA, V. October 13. – No life of this saint, who is associated with S. Fincana, is given in the Breviary of Aberdeen. The collect prays for chastity of body and mind, and a place with them in glory by their intercession. There is a note or rubric that Fyncana is venerated at Etht (Echt) in the diocese of Aberdeen, and Fyndoca at the archidiaconate of the diocese of Dunblane. This is probably Findo-Gask. – (Brev. Aberd. pars estiv. f. cxxvi.a). Among the charters at Magdalen College, Oxford, is a deed, probably of the year 1218-19, in which Roger de Quincy grants all his demesne at Gasc, with pasture for 24 oxen, 15 cows and 100 sheep, and 4 acres of meadow on the western side of the chapel of S. Fyndoca, towards the mill of Gasc, to the Hospital at Brackley, for the maintenance of three chaplains there. The Martyrology of Aberdeen states that both S Fyncana and S Fyndoca were venerated in the diocese of Dunblane. At Bendochy, near Cupar Angus, there was anciently a chapel at S. Phink dedicated to that saint, a small part of the ruins of which still remains. – (NSA, Perth, 1188; OSA xix.342, 359. In 1529, Archibald, Earl of Argyle, for the honour of God, the Blessed Virgin, S. Fyndoc, and all saints, tranted certain lands to Duncan Makcaus, becomingly to maintain the chapel of S. Fyndoc, on the Island of Inchald, and cause one mass weekly to be celebrated. – (Orig. Par. ii. 130). Inishail, in the deanery of Lorn, seems to have been dedicated to S. Fyndoc.
FINCANA (II). October 13. ‘Echt church is dedicated to S. Fincan, virgin in Scotland. She flourished in the beginnin gof the sixth age, and her feast was kept on the 13th of October. She must be different then from that S. Fincan (daughter of S. Donevald [Donald of Ogilvy]), who lived in the beginning of the eigth century, and whose feast is placed by Camerarius on the 21st of August.’ – (VDA 636). In spite of the authority of this careful antiquarian, it is most likely that there was only one S. Fincana. There is a S. Finsech this day in the Irish Lists. – (Mart. Donegal, p.277.)
And that appears to be that.
Holy Martyrs Fyncana and Fyndoca, pray to God for us.


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