Posted by: anna | October 27, 2010

St Burchard of Wurzburg

Today (14 October) we commemorate St. Burchard (Burkard), 1st bishop of Würzburg, English missionary to Germany (754). From Baring-Gould:
S. BURCHARD, B. OF WURZBURG. (a.d. 754.) [Roman and German Martyrologies. Authorities : — Two Lives, one by an anonymous writer, the other by Egilward, who wrote at the end of the l0th cent. As the anonymous writer does not mention the translation of the relics of S. Burchard in 986, he must have written in
the earlier part of the 10th cent.]
S. Burchard was a native of Wessex, and probably a kinsman of S. Boniface. He led a monastic life from early youth, and was summoned by S. Boniface to assist him in Germany in 725. He was then in priest’s orders. He made two expeditions to Rome, once in company with S. Boniface. He was ordained Bishop of Wurzburg by Pope Zacharias in 741, and subscribed the decrees of the Council of Leptines in 742. He built many churches in his diocese, and translated the relics of his predecessor, the martyr Killian. When advanced in age he resigned the see into the hands his disciple Megingaud, and retired to Homburg, a castle, whose ruins may still be seen, on a height above the Maine, near where the Saale flows into it, and there he died. His
body was translated to Wiirzburg, where it now reposes.
Venant de la lointaine Angleterre rejoindre*
Saint Boniface évangélisant les Germains,*
Tu fus mis par lui sur le siège de Wurtzbourg.*
Tu créas tout à l’entour de saints monastères*
Qui propagèrent le message d’Evangile.*
Saint Burchard prie Dieu pour qu’Il ait pitié de nos âmes!
Coming from distant England to join*
St. Boniface in evangelizing the Germans *
You were placed by him on the seat of Würzburg .*
You created holy monasteries all around*
Which propagated the message of the Gospel .*
St. Burchard pray to God that He may have mercy on our souls!
Holy St Burchard, pray to God for us.

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