Posted by: anna | October 29, 2010

St Lull of Malmesbury

Today (16 October) we commemorate St. Lull (Lul, Lullus) of Malmesbury, missionary in Germany, first abbot of Hersfeld, first archbishop of Mainz (787). From Baring-Gould:



[Roman Martyrology, not in any ancient Martyrology. Authorities: Mention in the Life of S. Sturmi and that of S. Boniface. There is a late Life of S. Lullus by a monk of Hersfeld, but it is of little value.]
Lullus, a native of England, probably of Wessex, was brought up in the monastery of Malmesbury, under Abbot Eaba, and was there elevated to the office of deacon. In answer to the call of S. Boniface, he went in 725 to Germany, being then quite young, scarcely twenty years old.
In Germany he was ordained priest in 735, and acted as archdeacon to S. Boniface, whom he constantly attended. S. Boniface sent him on a legation to Pope Zacharias, in 751, to obtain privileges for the monastery of Fulda, which S. Boniface had founded. In 742, S. Boniface had besought permission of the Pope to nominate a successor, but this request was not granted till 748. Then Boniface obtained permission to the same effect from King Pepin, and in 754 resigned the archiepiscopal see to Lullus, and departed into Frisia on that missionary enterprise which ended in his martyrdom. On hearing of the death of his loved master,
Lullus removed his body to Fulda, against the wishes of the people of Utrecht and Mainz, who severally claimed the sacred relics.
An important quarrel broke out between S. Lullus and S. Sturmi, Abbot of Fulda. The latter claimed independence for his monastery, and Lullus wished to bring it under his authority. He deposed Sturmi, and set up a young disciple as abbot in his place [B-G: room] . But after a while the monks of Fulda succeeded in persuading King Pepin to establish their independence and replace Sturmi.
S. Lullus governed the diocese of Mainz for [B-G: during] thirty-four years. Before his death he resigned his dignity, and retired to the monastery of Hersfeld which he had built. In this retreat he died happily on Nov. 1st, a.d. 786,
Some of his relics at Hildesheim, others at Mainz.


Holy St Lullus, pray to God for us.

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