Posted by: anna | November 2, 2010

SS Bradan and Orora of Man

Today (20 October) we commemorate SS Bradan and Orora, who are remembered on the Isle of Man. From Baring-Gould:

S. BRADAN, B. OF MAN. (about 7TH CENT.)
[“Memorials of British Piety; or, An Anglican Martyrology,” says : ” In the Isle of Man on this day S. Bradan and S. Orora, formerly venerated in two churches, which still retain their names.”]

The Isle of Man was occupied by the Scots, and S. Germain (July 3) was the first bishop of that island. Two other bishops, Coninder and Romail, are named in the same century, the fifth, as exercising their functions in Man. Then came S. Maughold, Conan, Contentus, Blad, Malchus, Roolwer, William, and then S. Bradan, who has given his name to Kirk Bradan, near Douglas. Nothing is known about him.


Holy saints Bradan and Orora, pray to God for us.

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