Posted by: anna | November 8, 2010

St. Bean, bishop of Mortlach

Today (26 October) we commemorate St. Bean (Beóán, Beoanus, Beyn, Beanus), bishop of Mortlach (ca. 1012), often confused with the Irish St Bean. There are few details available; Baring Gould (from the December volume) says only: ‘S. BEAN, B. OF MORTLACH. (ABOUT A.D. 1012.) [Roman Martyrology. Dempster’s Scottish Menology. Irish Kalendars.] Fordun, in his Scotichronicon, says that S. Bean, first bishop of Mortlach, in Banff, was made bishop by Pope Benedict VIII. Near Mortlach is shown his dwelling. Another S. Bean, bishop, is commemorated on October 26. The Breviary of Aberdeen gives no details of his life. He is probably the same as S. Beoan of Tamlacht-Menan, and is not to be confounded with S. Bean of Mortlach. The Roman Martyrology has made a mistake about the bishop of Mortlach, in placing him at Aberdeen and in Ireland.’

Holy St Bean, pray to God for us.

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