Posted by: anna | November 15, 2010

SS. Baya & Maura, anchoresses in Scotland

Today (2 November) we commemorate SS. Baya & Maura, anchoresses in Scotland.
St. Vey, Nov. 1 or 3 (BAYA, BEGA, BEY, CHAIBAL-BHAY, CHAIBAL-VEY), +896. In the island of Little Cumbray which is in the shire of Bute, but belongs to the parish of Kilbude in Ayrshire may still be seen the ruins of a chapel dedicated to St. Beye, a Scottish virgin and saint. It is called St. Vey’s chapel, the name of the saint having been thus changed by the Scoto-Irish construction of speech, in which it is called Chaibal-Bhay (pronounced Chaibal-Vey). ST. MAURA (7), a friend of Donald VI. (893-904), visited her there and received instruction from her. After Vey’s death the rector of the church of Dunbar attempted to carry off her relics. He encountered such a frightful storm that he was obliged to leave them in the solitude she had chosen in her life. Kilbag head, in the island of Lewis, probably takes its name either from Baya or Bega. Forbes, Kalendars. Chalmers, Caledonia. St. Vey may be honoured under the name of BEE, but she is a distinct person from ST. BEE OF EGREMONT. Compare BEGA (1).
St. Maura (7) or MAUKE, Nov. 2, V. + 899. ‘In Scotland quhomfra kilmaures in cuninghame is callit, vnder k donald.’ She used to visit ST. VEY in the island of Cumbne and receive instruction from her, which she afterwards imparted to the nuns under her care. She died at Kilmavoris or Kilmaur. After her death her sanctity was attested by miracles. Canisius. Adam King, Ane catechism. Forbes, Scottish Kalendars.
Holy Mothers Beya and Maura, pray to God for us.

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