Posted by: anna | November 16, 2010

St Rumwold

Today (3 November) we commemorate St. Rumwold (Romwold) of Northumbria, confessor (7th C). From Baring Gould:

RUMWOLD was of princely race in Northumbria; he was perhaps the son of Alcfrid by S Kyneburga, daughter of Penda ; but this is all very doubtful. The legend says that no sooner was the infant baptized than he at once spake and professed the Christian faith, and died whilst still in his baptismal innocence. But this seems to have grown out of what is probably the truth, that he was baptized as an adult and died shortly after. His death took place on November 3, at King’s Sutton, in Northamptonshire, but his body was translated to Brackley, in the same county, on the 28th August, and three years after to Buckingham. The death took place about 650.

Commemoration of the Holy Infant Rumwold from orthodoxengland

I would like to remind The Rev SBG of that interesting episode in the Life of no less a person than St Nicholas of Myra, in Eric Crozier’s words which Benjamin Britten set in his Cantata Saint Nicolas: ‘Nicolas was born in answer to prayer, and leaping from his mother’s womb he cried, “God be glorified!”‘ So there.

Troparion, Tone IV

Great is thy confession, O holy infant,* and great as our wonder is our praise of thee.* Glorious is thine utterance, O giver of wisdom,* and glorious the Spirit from Whom thy wisdom hath come down.* O Holy Rumwold,* intercede with Christ God, that He may save the souls that He hath made.
Holy St Romwold, pray to God for us.

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